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Preparing Your Deck For Summer Time Fun

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After a long winter in the Naperville, IL and Chicago land area there is much work that needs to be done in order to get your prestigious deck up to working order again. Depending where you live you might get anywhere from a few inches of snow in the winter to maybe a few feet of snow!!! This can drastically affect your deck in many many different ways. I know where we live It snowed almost every single day in the winter for months on end. It almost seemed like it would never stop and I was getting tired of it. But then again who likes the snow once it gets past the Holiday Season. I for one just want the madness to be done and over with so we can get on with the summer festivities. Well In order to do that you'll have to spruce up your deck from the harsh winter it just went through and were here to help give some tips just on how you should do that. If at anytime you don't find this information helpful then you are more than welcome to stop reading and find other relevant information, here is another website informational page that we also enjoy. 

For starters the snow can cause major warping issues if it has not been treated properly. And even with proper treatment nothing is 100% and over time there may be water damage. A good way to make sure this doesn't happen is to check to see if the sealant you have on your deck is still holding up. If you don't have your deck sealed then I highly recommend you getting it sealed because in the long run it will keep that expensive and beautiful looking deck that you paid a local deck contracting service a lot of money for to look nice and fresh. And if you built the deck yourself then shame on you for not knowing it should be water sealed. But anyways, a good way to see if there is any warping or rotting of your boards is to first of all use your eyes, if there is any visible characteristics that stand out and don't look normal or seem to have any issues then there is obviously an issue. But some other boards might not seem as if they have anything wrong with them but still do. If you think that there is a problem with a plank on your deck then grab a pen and go to that section of the deck and stick the pen in the board as hard as you can. There should be absolutely zero give to the boards and if the pen does sink in then you know there is a problem. You will want to replace that board immediately before a larger issue arises. Someone could step on that board one day and fall right through and then all of a sudden a small problem has escalated into a major problem. 

Making sure that your deck is properly secure and is up to standards is a great start to kicking your summer off with a bang. Summer time also brings along the problem of a bug infestation. Bugs love the summer time and all the people outside during summer but quite frankly I don't know too many people who love bug back. A bug problem can be a real hassle, especially if you're trying to relax outside and are constantly swatting at those pesky mosquitoes and who wants to deal with that all summer long, not you, not your family, and certainly not your guests that you're having a summer BBQ with. Many different bugs love different environments, but they all love the heat. Some like to fester in standing pool of water and some like to live in shrubbery. A good way to maintain bugs from taking over your yard without spraying pesticides everywhere is to cut back on any elongated or overgrown bushes, trees, plants, etc. Anything that really grew during the winter beyond what its meant to be and is out of control should be maintained and cut back, almost like giving your yard a haircut. You wouldn't go a whole year without getting a hair cut would you? Not many people do, so why would your yard be any different? A yard that has overgrown vegetation is like putting up an "We're Open" sign for all the bugs to invite all their friends and family to live in your backyard. Cutting back the shrubs at least a foot from your deck will limit this issue by a lot. This might not be a 100% way of getting rid of all the bugs but it is a great start. From there you can decide what you want to do whether it be tiki torches, bug lanterns, or maybe cutting down your bushes solved all your problems. I hope it did because that's what i'm here for. 

Lastly, make sure your deck is stained as well. A good looking deck is an amazing sight, building a deck is a very difficult process and can be very expensive too so why would you waste all that time and energy building something you can't even show off? Keep up to date with your deck maintenance and your friends and family will be wanting to keep coming over each summer as a hangout spot. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER.